Claims and returns

Given that we are aware of the impact on our customers of the methods applied by the B&M Group in the context of processing complaints/returns, and being confident that such aspect may pose a competitive differential factor regarding the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, we are available:



The General Sale Conditions below apply to all commercial transactions between Barros & Moreira, owner of the CTESI brand - hereinafter referred to as CTESI and its Clients -, which are considered to be accepted from the moment an order is made to CTESI.


Only orders placed by email, through one of our sales managers or through our website will be taken into consideration. 
Special products’ registered orders cannot be cancelled or suffer any changes 48h after receiving it. 
CTESI has the right to cancel or withhold pending orders in case of default by the Client. 
The Client agrees and commits to provide CTESI with all the necessary elements to proceed with the order of special / customized products. 
The information presented in our catalogue is for guidance and advisory only. 
The colours shown in this catalogue may differ from reality, due to printing issues. 
CTESI reserves the right to make changes to the materials, colours and product specifications at any time without prior notice.


Order confirmation and delivery dates always depend on stock availability. The Client will not receive any compensation for order delivery delays or due to lack of stock. 

Delivery delays caused by major external reasons unrelated to CTESI that prevents it from meeting the deadlines do not represent a valid reason for the Client to cancel the order.


The goods are considered to be delivered to the Client after unloading it at the Client’s facilities or at a place indicated by him and after signing the Delivery/Transportation Receipt or any other valid document that comes with the goods. 

The Client must check if the goods do not present any defect due to the transport upon receiving them, writing it down in the Delivery/Transportation Receipt and immediately informing CTESI by letter. 

In case the Client does not follow this procedure, the goods will be considered to have been delivered in perfect conditions and CTESI will not be liable for any responsibility or for any type of compensation. 

The “verified” stamp is not valid in case of a complaint or a return. Deliveries can be partially made.


The charged prices will be those presented in the current Price Table and are the valid ones, except in case of typographical errors. The current legal VAT tax is added to all products. The Price Table may be subject to changes without prior notice.


Payment conditions and on sale products/discounts will be agreed between CTESI and each Client, whenever applicable. 
All invoices must be settled within the established deadlines, unless prior written agreement and all goods are CTESI’s property until the Client has fully payed the invoice. 
Eventual pending situations will not be accepted in any case as a reason for not complying with any invoice’s payment deadlines.


All complaints must be submitted by letter within 10 working days from the goods’ delivery date. 

These complaints will be analysed by our After-Sales Service, who will accept them or not. CTESI is only responsible for repairing or, as a last resource, replacing the product with an identical item or a similar one in case the ordered product has been discontinued. 

Complaints that do not have a copy of the Client’s invoice or a valid document will not be taken into consideration. 

Complaints for products which have suffered changes made by the Client will not be accepted. 

In case the complaint is rejected, the goods will be kept in our facilities, in perfect sales conditions, and the Client has 10 days to collect it from the moment we communicate it to him.


Commercial returns are not accepted. 

Returning products with use marks, defects, dirt or any other mark that devalues it or shows Client negligence is not possible. 

We do not accept product returns of items that have undergone changes made by the Client. All returns that may occur are subject to our prior written approval. 

Receiving, inspecting, and testing and fees may be added to the approved return request and the item may be devaluated. Whenever the Client wants to return a product, he will be responsible for its transportation and insurance. 

This is a Client’s responsibility, meaning CTESI is exempt from all and any responsibility in case of a possible product damage, loss or theft. 

All products sent to CTESI in order to be returned must be properly packed and protected, preferably in their original packaging, in order to avoid any transportation damage, and containing its manuals, accessories and/or software, whenever applicable.


Our catalogues’ products have a 2-year warranty from the invoice date, except the following products: Concealed Flush Cisterns – 10 years - , Taps – 5 years, except models with a colour finish, thermostatic and electronic taps or accessories (shower heads, bars, columns, hoses, etc.), which have a 2-year warranty.

The warranty does not cover the following situations:

  • Products which have undergone changes made by the Client and defects resulting from a negligent use, an improper maintenance or installation or other major reasons.
  • Items that are not part of the main product provided by CTESI and that have been supplied by third parties.

This warranty includes total or partial product replacement whenever caused by a failure that has resulted from a manufacturing defect and our After-Sales Service must evaluate the process and approve it. 
Any repair or replacement request must comply with the following aspects: The Client must present the original invoice and return the original item with its fully filled-in Delivery Certificate. Otherwise, CTESI will not evaluate the possibility of repairing or replacing the product.

This warranty does not include possible new installation costs or worn-out products’ replacement.


In case of dispute with CTESI, the competent jurisdiction is the county of Caldas da Rainha. 
In case the above conditions are not followed, CTESI reserves the right to take the measures it believes to be appropriate. 
The conditions mentioned above come into effect on March 1st 2021, prevail over the Client’s general conditions and replace our previous ones. This document may be subject to changes without prior notice.



We hold the right to make any changes to the prices, materials and described specifications, without prior notice. The prices evidenced shall override previous prices and shall be deemed valid, except in case of typographical errors. 

The measurements presented are for demonstrative purposes only, so as the colours presented in this catalogue may entail product variations, due to printing variations.